Icing the Competition

Thermal chamber experiments and outdoor testing show that Maluna Coolers outperform the leading competition. In 2017, a series of performance tests held inside a thermal chamber in which a Maluna and a competing cooler were exposed to 100ºF temperatures concluded that the original Maluna Cooler held ice more than 23% longer. In 2021, the Maluna Cooler once again went head-to-head against the leading competitor for two weeks under the Summer sun. The thermal performance test showed the new, USA-made Maluna Cooler holds ice 35% longer than the leading competition. In 2023, a third-party test by Outdoor Empire crowned the Maluna Cooler the best performing cooler out of a field of 38 coolers from a variety of brands.

DISCLAIMER Results are based on performance testing of two, pre-chilled ice chests loaded with identical amounts of chilled beverages and fresh ice. Tests were conducted outdoors and results reflect environmental conditions as well as control parameters. Results may vary. For detailed information on test parameters, cooler conditioning, data measurement, environmental conditions, and detailed results, refer to the Premium Cooler Performance Testing Report.

American Made Maluna Coolers hold ice 35% longer than the leading competitor

Maluna Cooler beats out 37 other coolers in third-party test by Outdoor Empire