Cooler sizing

You are looking at buying a cooler and getting the right size is paramount to accomplishing your goals, whether you are packing the cooler with food for a camping trip, hauling wild game home from a hunting trip, or filling a cooler with beverages for a family reunion. Whatever your need is, Maluna has you covered.

Maluna 22 Quart

The 22 quart is great for extended car rides, fishing trips, and day events. Easy to move, the 22 quart comes in at 14 lb. empty with 21.8 quarts of true internal volume.

Maluna 40 Quart

The 40 quart is perfect when you need just a little bit more space. Great in the boat, around the campfire, and many other applications, the 40 quart is still easy to maneuver weighing in at 24 lb. empty with 38.9 quarts of internal volume, this cooler is probably the most versatile cooler to accomplish most things.

Maluna 50 Quart

An adventurer's best friend, the 50 quart is great for almost everything. Large enough to fit wild game, lots of drinks, food for camping trips and more, the Maluna 50 quart weighs only 31 lb. empty making it easy to move around, while keeping things cold for days. The 50 quart has 50.4 quarts of internal volume, allowing for cool adventures all over.

Maluna 70 QUart

You need more space, we understand, sometimes small coolers don't get the job done. Luckily, the 70 quart offers ample space at 70.8 quarts of true internal volume weighing only 37 lb. when empty. This means more drinks, meat, and yes, lots of guac.

Maluna 111 Quart

You need space, and a lot of it. This cooler is great for extended trips when you need to keep a lot cold for a long time. The 111 quart is a beast of an ice chest with a whopping 113.1 quarts of true internal volume. Weighing 47 lb. when empty, the 111 quart is a cooler for the largest adventures.