WHAT IS IGBC Certication?

IGBC Bear Resistant Testing is rigorous test for plastic products often including things like rotomolded coolers, backpacking canisters, plastic storage containers and many residential garbage cans. You can learn more about the IGBC at their website and more about the IGBC Testing Protocol.

Why Should I bUy an IGBC Certified cooler?

You want to keep your items safe, along with the animals that can get into your gear. Many items when ingested can be harmful, and even kill them. Check with state and park regulations, but in some areas, you are required by law to have an IGBC certified cooler locked up otherwise your food containers have to be locked in cooler lockers when not in use, which is a pain when you want to grab one thing.

Many cooler brands market their coolers as "Tested by IGBC" and the "National Forest Service", but many of those have not passed the criteria to be considered IGBC Certified. Maluna Coolers have been IGBC tested and are listed on the official Bear Resistant Product List on the IGBC website.