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Why are Maluna Coolers better at ice retention than the competition?

Air retention is the #1 way to keep a cooler cold longer. Maluna Coolers have a patented design on the rear hinges that allow the coolers large one-piece gasket to sit flush on the cooler. From there, self-tensioning straps on the back apply that pressure evenly with the front straps to get the best seal possible. No other cooler has the ability to get that good of a seal with their gasket.

How do Maluna Coolers compare to other brands pricing?

Maluna Coolers are very competitively priced. When you look at our top competitors, our prices appear to be very similar. The biggest difference is our price per quart comparison. Our coolers are true to size for internal volume, not based on the outside dimensions. Check out our size chart comparison page where we should our price per quart comparisons next to the top competitors in the market. The cherry on top, ours are made right here in the USA.

What does Maluna mean?

Maluna is Hawaiian for "Rise Above" which is exactly why we have raised the bar for quality coolers. Up until Maluna's innovative hinge design, rotomolded coolers had been the same for 15+ years. Now, we are making coolers that outperform the competition, outlast other coolers in durability, and come in at lower price points all while manufacturing in Minnesota.

Does the color of the cooler affect ice retention?

Many people suspect white stays colder longer, but that is not the case with our products. In our internal testing with our own products, we have never had any evidence that the coolers color affects the ice retention of a cooler. The outside layer of polyethylene will heat up and, in that case, darker colors tend to feel warmer, however, due to the foam between the outside and inside cavity of the cooler, we have never noticed one color to be any worse or better than another when talking about ice retention.

Can I sit/stand on the cooler? What is the weight limit?

We have no idea what the weight limit is on our coolers, but what we do know is that when a 1200+ pound grizzly was standing on top of our coolers during our IGBC testing, the cooler didn't budge.

So, in short, you will have no issue sitting on any of our Maluna Coolers. Standing shouldn't be an issue when talking about the structural integrity of your cooler, but please keep in mind that it is not designed to be a platform, so we advise caution when standing on it.

How many baskets can fit into each cooler?
  • 40 Quart- 2
  • 50 Quart- 2
  • 70 Quart- 2
Have Maluna Coolers been bear tested?

Yes, we sent coolers to Montana where they were IGBC tested (The Gold Standard of bear testing products). You can learn more about that on our IGBC Certification page.

Will a larger cooler hold ice longer than a small cooler?

There are many factors that lead to optimal ice retention, but in general, if you have a larger cooler loaded with more ice, it will take longer to completely melt.

However, a large determining factor is how full your cooler is being loaded. The more that is in the cooler, the less warm air will get trapped inside. If you planned to fill a 22 quart to the max, and put the same amount of contents in a larger size and then opened the cooler a few times throughout the day. The larger cooler would melt much faster due to the ice being required to cool down more warm air.

Any tips to increase ice retention?

These are just a few tricks you can use to increase ice retention.

  • Pre-Chill your cooler. For the cost of a bag of ice, you can completely chill your cooler before a trip. More ice melts in the first hour of loading a cooler that is not pre-chilled than the next few days because that ice needs to cool down the physical cooler.
  • Use blocks of Ice. Fill up old milk jugs, water bottles or juice jugs and freeze them. The less air around the ice, the slower it will melt, which is why cubed ice tends to melt faster.
  • Avoid ice with hollowed cores or holes in it. There is a reoccuring them with ice retention, which is less air. The less air, the better, and ice with holes in the center tend to fill up coolers faster with less ice which causes your cooler to warm up faster.
  • Fill the cooler as much as possible. When loading it up, add as much ice as you can, and if you have no more ice, add more drinks. A great tip for larger coolers as you lose more ice or go through more of the contents inside is fill up water jugs, water bottles, or even lay a towel on top of your food to take up the air space inside. Each time the cooler opens and closes, you trap warm air inside, but if there is little to no empty air space, the less work your ice has to do to maintain cold temps.

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