Nonprofit Partnerships

Working Together and Giving Back

At Maluna, we are dedicated to supporting nonprofit organizations and
important causes. We work closely with partner groups to raise funds
through special edition coolers, customized badges, promotions, special
initiatives, and more. Our Combat 22 campaign, coordinated in
conjunction with nonprofits and volunteer groups, raised over $200,000
for veterans causes and increased awareness about PTSD.

We can tailor programs to the unique opportunities of your cause or
organization. Together, we can make a positive impact and create
meaningful change in our communities.

Best Pricing

Maluna manufacturers all of its coolers in our in-house facility in
Baxter, Minnesota. Cutting out the middle men and working directly with us, the manufacturer, guarantees the best pricing and savings benefiting your cause or organization.

Programs Tailored to You

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Customizable Premium Product

Maluna Coolers are premium products that outperform the leading
competition, come with a Lifetime Guarantee, and are Made in the USA.
Maluna Coolers can be fully customized making them the perfect item for
fundraising and promote a cause.