New Unhinged Coolers

Designed, Crafted, and Built in the USA
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Holds Ice 35% Longer

than the leading competition


Patented Unhinged Design


Full Perimeter Tensioning for 360º Seal


Premium Molded Gasket


Tapered Walls

The Maluna Unhinged Cooler features an innovative, patented unhinged design that creates full perimeter tensioning for the ultimate performance. Thermal testing shows the Unhinged Cooler outperforming the leading competition by more than 35%.

Keeps Drinks Cold



Made in USA

Preorder the New Unhinged Cooler


Designed, Crafted, and Made in the USA

Preorders for new Unhinged Coolers are guaranteed to be made in the U.S.A. in Minnesota.


The Best Just Got Better

The New Maluna Unhinged Cooler holds ice 35% longer than the leading competition and is exclusively available through the Preorder Campaign.


Limited Time Only

Maluna's New Unhinged Cooler Preorder Campaign runs through the end of August 2021. Commemorative badges are limited edition and are not available after the campaign conclusion.


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Preorders for New Unhinged Coolers will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-serve basis within 30 days.

Made in USA Commemorative Badge

These limited edition badges are included with every peordered Maluna Unhinged Cooler. Commemorative badges cannot be purchased separately and will not be available after the Preorder Campaign.

Outperform. Outlast.

Don’t  Overpay .

Customers Love Maluna

“This thing is a BEAST, I absolutely LOVE it!”

Larry Royce

Original Kickstarter Backer

“Hands down the best cooler I have ever had.”

Allen Smith

Unhinged 50

“Had it in my car in 106º heat all day and the ice didn’t melt at all!”

Ken Ward

Unhinged 70

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