Maluna Wheel Kit


Transform your Maluna Cooler into a mobile powerhouse with the new Maluna Cooler Wheel Kit. Designed for both convenience and durability, this kit makes transporting your cooler easier than ever, whether you're on a beach, a rocky trail, or just navigating through a crowded campsite. 

Handle Type


  • Newer Maluna Coolers models 40/50/70 use the **Hard Handle** solution as they have the inserts.
    (see image below)
  • For older Maluna Coolers and the 111 model without the inserts, use the **Rope Handle** solution.

Note: All Maluna 111 Coolers will only use "Rope Handles."

Features + Innovation

Pull Handle with Foam Grips: The ergonomic pull handle features comfortable foam grips for ease of use. Compatible with recent Maluna coolers, it allows for effortless maneuvering.

Bolt-On Wheel Mounting Plate: The sturdy mounting plate ensures a secure and stable attachment of wheels to your cooler. Designed for easy installation, it adds mobility without compromising the cooler’s integrity. 

Raised Rubber Feet: These taller feet level your cooler when using the wheel kit and prevent it from sliding, ensuring the cooler stays where you want it. They also provide additional protection to the cooler's bottom surface.

Durable Wheels with Axles: Equipped with robust wheels and sturdy axles, this kit ensures smooth and reliable transport. The wheels are designed to handle rough surfaces and heavy loads, making them ideal for outdoor adventures.

Rope Handle: Specifically designed for the Maluna 111 model, this kit includes a strong and reliable rope handle. The handle offers a comfortable grip and ensures easy maneuverability, even when the cooler is fully loaded. All 111qt coolers ever made and are currently being made are only available with a rope handle.