Maluna 40


Color: Chill Blue

Features + Innovation

Self-tensioning rear straps on a floating hinge design create a tighter seal around the lid's full perimeter. The high efficiency seal prevents cold air from getting out, warm air from getting in, and maximizes the temperature retention of all Maluna Coolers.

Form fitted handles are engineered for a comfortable grip whether carried by one person or two. The sturdy handles are the perfect anchor points to tie down the cooler without blocking access to the inside.

Crack open a cold one with a high-quality, stainless steel bottle opener built right into the front of the cooler.

Tapered walls maximize insulation where your cooler needs it most so that it could hold ice longer.

Ultra-grip non-slip feet prevent your cooler from sliding around the boat or the truckbed.

A quick-flow, leak-proof drain allows you to quickly and easily drain your cooler.

A patent-pending pressure regulator, hidden beneath the bottle opener, allows you to easily open the cooler at even the highest elevations.

Each cooler includes a stainless steel Maluna badge which can be easily changed with any of our compatible specialty badges. Specialty badges sold separately.

Dimensions & Specifications


24 lbs. (empty)


27.625 × 17.125 × 17.375 in


Military Grade Polyethylene


Stainless Steel