The best cooler ever made.

The Pressure Regulator

Small changes in elevation or even temperature can develop a vacuum lock on a cooler that makes it almost impossible to open. Maluna Unhinged coolers contain a patent-pending pressure regulator that maintains the ideal -6 KPA and ensures that your Maluna can be easily...

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Fulfilling Kickstarter

It's been a few weeks since we were successfully funded on Kickstarter and fulfillment is in full swing. Our first backers have already begun to receive their coolers and even more or on the way. Maluna founder Scott Hoyt is spending the weekend stuffing decals into...

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Unhinged Design

A proprietary and patent-pending unhinged design, featuring a floating lid, retains temperature 20% better than the competition. Patent Pending.

Drainplug Thermometer

Never guess whether the contents inside your cooler are at a safe temperature. A patent-pending drainplug thermometer tells you exactly the temperature of the food and drinks inside. Ensure that your meat is fresh and your drinks perfectly chilled. Patent Pending.

Wire Basket

Safely store food items and other dry goods suspended above the ice level.

Reversible Feet

Whether on a bumpy ride, the high seas, or in the dirt, this cooler is as versatile and durable as you are. Grip the floor with specialized padding that prevents slipping and sliding or use the ultra-tough durable shell to protect against bumps and scrapes.

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