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Unhinged 50

(19 customer reviews)

The Maluna Unhinged 50 combines versatility with unbeatable performance. With a patented unhinged design, tapered walls, and premium seal, this cooler holds ice more than 35% longer than the leading brand. This premium cooler features a rotomolded construction and an ultra-tough polyethylene shell for maximum durability.



Holds Ice


Outperform. Outlast.


The Maluna Unhinged Cooler features a patented unhinged design. In thermal testing, Unhinged Coolers hold ice 35% longer than the leading competition and have been shown to hold ice for more than 7 days in optimal conditions. We engineer our Unhinged Coolers for maximum performance so that you can go further.


Patented Unhinged Design


Full Perimeter Tensioning for 360º Seal


Premium Molded Gasket

Features + Innovation

Patented Unhinged Design

Self-tensioning rear straps on a floating, unhinged design create a tighter seal around the lid’s full perimeter. The high efficiency seal prevents cold air from getting out, warm air from getting in, and maximizes the temperature retention of the Unhinged Cooler.

Max Comfort Handles

Form fitted handles are engineered for a comfortable grip whether carried by one person or two. The sturdy handles are the perfect anchor points to tie down the cooler without blocking access to the inside.

Stainless Steel Bottle Opener

Crack open a cold one with a high-quality, stainless steel bottle opener built right into the front of the cooler.

Tapered Walls

Tapered walls maximize insulation where your cooler needs it most so that it could hold ice longer.

Non-Slip Max-Grip Feet

Ultra-grip non-slip feet prevent your cooler from sliding around the boat or the truckbed.

Quick Flow Drain

A quick-flow, leak-proof drain allows you to quickly and easily drain your cooler.

Pressure Regulator

patent-pending pressure regulator, hidden beneath the bottle opener, allows you to easily open the cooler at even the highest elevations.

Customizable Badge

Each cooler includes a stainless steel Maluna badge which can be easily changed with any of our compatible specialty badges. Specialty badges sold separately.

Made In America

Dimensions & Specifications


31 lbs. (empty)


31.125 × 17.625 × 19 in


Military Grade Polyethyylene


Stainless Steel


Quart Capacity


Pounds of
Ice (max)


Cans of Beer
(using a 2:1 ice ratio by volume)


2-Liter Bottles


Pounds of Meat


Cups of Guacamole


31 lbs. (empty)


31.125 × 17.625 × 19 in


Military Grade Polyethyylene


Stainless Steel

Did you Know?

Some cooler companies misrepresent their product capacities. That means their coolers hold less ice, less food, and fewer beverages expected. Maluna Unhinged Coolers are true to size with just a 0.01% deviation in capacity. 

+ 47%

additional Capacity vs. Competitor

Save 27%

per quart vs. Competitor

(19 customer reviews)

Ratings & Reviews

"Absolutely amazing!"

Leisure Outdoor Adventures
Professional Fishing Guide

"This thing is a BEAST, I absolutely LOVE it!"

Larry Royce
Original Kickstarter Backer

"Hands down the best cooler I have ever had."

Allen Smith
Verified Customer

"Had it in my car in 106º heat all day and the ice didn’t melt at all!"

Ken Ward
Verified Customer

"This is the first time I have ever owned an ice chest where I re-bagged my ice after a trip."

Steve Olson
Verified Customer

"Couldn't be happier!! Love our Malunas!!"

Shad Haynes
Kickstarter Backer

"Filled the Maluna with ice and cold ones on Tuesday... here we are on Saturday and it still has ice and cold ones ready to rock. These things are epic!"

The Icemen

"She’s got us through hurricanes... I’ve been here since the beginning and I still love my Maluna."

George Anderson
Kickstarter Backer

"Keep[s] the birds cold the entire week. What a great cooler.""

Mark Korte
Verified Customer

Day 12 on the same ice. "Still ice... Unreal."

Mychal Stittsworth
Verified Customer

"Amazes me every time I've taken it out. The ice retention is outstanding."

Josh Thomas
Verified Customer

"5 days of camping and wheeling throughout the Southwest, and 2 more days of sitting in the hot SoCal sun... it had a melon sized chunk of ice left"

William Beck
Verified Customer

19 reviews for Unhinged 50

  1. Heath B Howell

    Best cooler I’ve ever owned. Keeps my drinks cold for over a week, even if there’s no ice left inside. The design of this is what sets it apart from others, and makes it perform so well. It’s really well built, and the customer service is impeccable! Can’t say enough good things about my Maluna!

  2. Sheldon Sexton

    My Maluna 50 is by far the best performing ice chest I have owned. The fit and finish is superb. Customer service and communication from the founder is unbelievable, given he is working to get this company up and running.I have ordered additional Maluna’s since using the 50 out daily in the Phoenix,AZ.construction field for the past 6 weeks.

  3. Terry Muldoon

    Everything else is just a cooler! I am blown away by the performance of my Maluna, I am very happy that I invested in Scott’s dream and am over the moon with the performance. #Malunaticforlife

  4. James ‘Scooter’ Turner

    If I could give this beast a ten I would not hesitate. Backer 138 here….proud to say I recognized early on that this was going to be something special. I’ve put it through it’s paces on the boat, in the back of the truck, in the back of the jeep and on the back porch in the brutal Florida heat and humidity and the hype is real. I LOVE MY MALUNA! You can’t help but like the founder either. Unbelievable attention to detail and the design is sleek and sexy on top of being uber functional. Buy one NOW!!! most first run editions of anything are flawed somehow or another but this was flawless right out of the box. Did I say I love my MALUNA?

  5. Cody Tripp

    I had been shopping for a high quality cooler when I came across Maluna via Facebook. I joined the group and asked a few questions and those questions were answered by none other than Scott Hoyt the Founder, inventor and owner of Maluna. He had definitely thought out the design and manufacturing process to make a world class cooler. I really liked the integrated solid handles vs those silly rope handles. His pricing was excellent as well plus backed with a lifetime warranty. I backed him on Kickstarter for a 50 and two 40’s. The quality is second to none and the ice retention is OUTSTANDING!! I have used Yeti and RTIC many times and they don’t compare. Scott and has hit the nail on the head with Maluna for quality, pricing and customer service. Maluna is the best value in the market right now. The 50 is a great size for a “Do everything” cooler. EXCELLENT PRODUCT and Fantastic customer service/support.

  6. Brian Bernaciak

    I love my Maluna 50. She’s a thing of beauty. Took her camping shortly after getting her. I threw in a case of beer without prechilling and 20lbs of ice and it lasted 5 days and remained sub 40 well into day 6.

  7. Mark Woessner

    My Maluna 50 is AWESOME! First time I used it was at a tailgate on a Sunday. Beers and waters went in warm, 10 lbs of ice and a couple of boxes of frozen burgers. An hour and a half later at the tailgate, the bottles of water were partially frozen! It was opened many times over the next 3 hours. When I got home I just removed the remaining burgers and left the beer and water in there and left the Maluna sitting on my back deck (which was in the sun for several hours each day). The ice latest until sometime on Thurs and the beer was still very cold on Thurs evening.
    After seeing how well made these things are I noticed a competitors display in a big box store and couldn’t believe the difference. All the seams on the Maluna are smooth, the competitor… well lets just say, not so much. It’s very well designed and the attention to detail is amazing. In addition, it seems Scott Hoyt has thought of everything, from the built in bottle opener and pressure release valve to the reversible feet! Not to mention the drain plug thermometer (which isn’t really needed because once you stick your hand in there to grab a drink, you’ll know how cold it is!) but it is a cool feature and a great conversation piece. I can’t wait for Maluna to come out with some additional sizes. I’m certainly a Malunatic for life!

  8. Allen Smith

    I love my Maluna! Hands down the best cooler I have ever had. It is so much better than my Yeti, that I sold the yeti shortly after getting my Maluna 50, and ordered a Maluna 40 in Seafoam green. The straps on the front of Maluna are so easy to use, my wife even commented on it the other day when she got something out. 100% happy with this purchase and can’t wait to get my Seafoam 40!

  9. Chris Rowe

    Chris Rowe – June 21, 2017
    My Maluna 50 is great.It looks awesome and it performs far beyond my expectations.Scott Hoyt you my friend have designed and put to market an extraordinary product brother. Thanks again. I’m a malunatic for life……

  10. Neal Spurgeon

    By far the best cooler that I have ever purchased. Workmanship is outstanding. Kept ice for a week trip to Montana. Nothing to say bad about it. Exceeded all expectations.

  11. Alex Moore

    This Maluna 50 has surpassed my expectations and just keeps surprising me with the performance. I love the integrated handles and the bottle opener. The handles make for a convenient tie down so you can still access the contents of your Maluna. The 50 fits in the back of my Jeep Wrangler unlimited with room for another. Just a short time into service and I have found it’s my go to. Can’t wait to see what Maluna comes up with next.

  12. Mike Clooney

    This is by far the best design and functional cooler on the market today. The ease of use and the amount of time that it keeps cold is remarkable
    I have another one coming (70qt) because of the quality
    You will not regret the purchase

  13. Patrick Johanson

    Love this Maluna built beast, It kept my drinks ice cold for 6 days with just 10lbs of ice AWESOME MALUNA (not a cooler)?? Proud MALUNATIC backer #201.

  14. Joshua Ulery

    I’ve had a ton of cheap department store coolers and I have a RTIC 65 as well. The Maluna has a much better design from the outside in. The handles are easy to hold (I did wrap mine with hockey tape) because of their size and rigidity. It is easy to carry by myself or with another person. The insulation is thick and works well (more on that later). The lid does indeed shut flat rather than at an angle and the use of triple ridges on the gasket ensure a solid airtight seal. The inside is standard-fare with a nice drain area leading to the drain plug. The thermometer drain plug is a very nice accessory.

    Materials-wise this is a bombproof tank of a cooler. It is lighter than it looks, but solid as a rock. I’m a big guy (275 lbs) and have no worries sitting on the cooler for long periods of time. The rubber straps for the lid are solid and well made.

    The feet are wonderful, they grip without being difficult to push around and because they are bolted in place (and reverse to hard feet) I don’t worry about ripping them out like I’ve done to my RTIC and seen people do on their YETIs. I was not expecting to love the feet as much as I have, but after replacing an RTIC foot I’m so glad they were designed the way they were.

    I am backer 1949 and waited patiently for months to get my cooler. One of the first things I did was stress test it using a worst-case scenario. I let it heat up in my vehicle to 90 degrees inside, then I went and put 40lbs of ice in it. I then left it in the back of my vehicle where it sat in ~100 degree heat and sunshine for a week while I opened it up daily to introduce some warm air. At the end of the week I threw some cool beers in and let it sit for another day. On day six there was still ice inside and the water was still a chilly 36 degrees. I know that in ideal conditions (pre chilling, shade, etc…) I would have several more days of ice.

    There are few cons to the design. The first being the handles being smooth. They are wonderful and make me never want to go back to rope handles again. However, they are smooth and are difficult to grip without tape (at least to me). As far as finish my cooler has a handful of areas around corners where material was smoothed down during production. It is noticeable, but doesn’t look bad or out of place. Finally, the pressure relief valve is tight in mine. If I get a vacuum I can open the cooler, but it takes some effort. I know I can disassemble it and fix this issue, I just haven’t gotten to it.

    Overall this is a fantastic cooler at an incredible price. It is truly well designed and it has become my favorite. I would and do recommend it to anyone looking at a high-end cooler.

  15. Joel Robinson

    Love the Maluna. I have kept it full of ice and beer for about 6 weeks now. Only adding ice from our refrigerator every third day. ( about 5 lbs) Fits well in our RZR 1k. Ready to get a 40 as well. Edited from first review. 🙂

  16. TJ Geerdes

    Quality roto-molded “cooler” with innovative features at a value price point! This is an amazing product and well thought out. They are true to size (maybe even slightly bigger than stated size) and the 50 is a great all-around ice chest….good for travel and able to cover long trips too. If you can only get one this would be my go to size. Amazing products and customer service!

  17. Craig Torres

    As an owner of a few of the “other guys” I can honestly state that none of them come close to the quality, design and functionality of my 50. Aside from the details which set it apart, the “hinges”, the size, the drain plug, the basket my 50 outperforms my Yeti and RTIC. On top of that, Scott has gone above beyond in the customer service area. Thanks again for an awesome product and an awesome experience.

  18. Larry Royce

    This thing is a BEAST, I absolutely LOVE it!! My 50qt Maluna holds ice longer than any “cooler” I’ve ever owned. The handles are incredible, SOOO much nicer and easier on the hands than the rope handles so many coolers are using now. Being molded in as they are they make it so much easier to carry whether alone or with someone. No more swaying or fears of breaking a rope. The latches, OH those latches!!! They are super easy to use, no struggling, tugging or pulling, they just “roll” right into place with the palm of your hand. Nice textured non slip top to use as a casting platform for fishing, and it is just the perfect height to use it as a seat as well. Warranty??? LIFETIME! Hardly anyone offers lifetime warranties anymore. Overall I feel this is as close to perfection as one could get in an Ice chest. You can not call it a cooler as it is more than JUST a cooler, it is a MALUNA. Get yourself one or 3, you WILL NOT be disappointed.

  19. Eric Mitchell

    Hands down blown away by the quality, construction,and design of this.Worth every penny and will be the only cooler I’ll ever need. Can’t say enough about how well this thing works. Keeps stuff cold days on end. So long I forget to go get ice now. Even a couple days after it’s all melted the beer is still ice cold. Job well done Scott Hoyt for a remarkable product. Malunatic for life…

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