Live Life Unhinged

Maluna Media Kit 2018
In thermal chamber tests, the Maluna® Unhinged Cooler outperformed the YETI® Tundra® by an average of 23%.
  • Hours to 45º F 86.8% 86.8%
  • 88.1% 88.1%
  • 86.7% 86.7%
  • 69.7% 69.7%
  • 70.2% 70.2%
  • 69.5% 69.5%
  • Hours to 50º F 93.4% 93.4%
  • 94.6% 94.6%
  • 92.9% 92.9%
  • 75.2% 75.2%
  • 75.6% 75.6%
  • 74.8% 74.8%
  • Hours to 55º F 100.8% 100.8%
  • 102.2% 102.2%
  • 100.2% 100.2%
  • 81.5% 81.5%
  • 81.8% 81.8%
  • 81.2% 81.2%

The Unhinged Cooler

Learn more about the innovative, patent-pending design and what makes the Maluna® Unhinged Cooler the best cooler ever made.

Brand Vision

For thousands of years, humans have been communing with nature and each other, gathering around campfires to share meals, stories, and experiences. The Maluna experience is that fire. Whether on sand, water, or asphalt, our products invite everyone to gather around them and unhinge their lives. Maluna is adventure. Maluna is community. The very word “maluna” means to “rise above.” Built for quality and value, Maluna products help everyone rise above the mundane routine and share soulful experiences with their friends and lead more adventurous lives. We believe that innovation and quality unlock a world of limitless possibility, a world that is authentic, primitive and yet eternal. Maluna lets you seize that world, every day, anywhere.

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How to Pack an Unhinged Cooler
How to Pack an Unhinged Cooler

The Maluna® Unhinged Cooler® uses a patent-pending design to hold ice 23% longer than the leading competition. To maximize performance, follow these guidelines in packing your Maluna.

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The Pressure Regulator
The Pressure Regulator

Small changes in elevation or even temperature can develop a vacuum lock on a cooler that makes it almost impossible to open. Maluna Unhinged coolers contain a patent-pending pressure regulator that maximizes the internal vacuum to -6 KPA and ensures that your Maluna...