The Journey

Lao-Tzu wisely said that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Before that, you have a dream – a destination in mind. We set out to build the greatest cooler ever made. This is our story of a thousand miles, one single step at a time.

How to Pack an Unhinged Cooler

How to Pack an Unhinged Cooler

The Maluna® Unhinged Cooler® uses a patent-pending design to hold ice 23% longer than the leading competition. To maximize performance, follow these guidelines in packing your Maluna.

1. Proper Size

Make sure you have the right size cooler. A cooler will perform best if it’s packed to the top. If you have a 70-quart cooler with 40 quarts of beer and ice, it won’t perform nearly as well as a 40-quart cooler properly sized for that. If you have a larger cooler with extra space, fill it up with ice to the top.

2. Enough Ice

Starting with a 2:1 ice-to-beer ratio will maximize performance.

3. Start Cold

Warm beer sucks a lot of energy from ice. Pre-chilling your cooler and packing it with cold beer will ensure that you get the best thermal performance.

4. Maintain Cold Water

Don’t pour out the cold water as the ice begins to melt. You can get a lot of extra performance out of your cooler if you maintain your thermal momentum.

5. Defense

Now that you’ve packed your cooler, open it as seldom as possible and keep it in the shade.

Cooler Gel Packs vs. Science

Cooler Gel Packs vs. Science

Cooler Gel Packs




Gel packs claim to outperform ice in keeping ice chests cool. In this test, Maluna founder Scott Hoyt pits cooler gel packs against good old fashioned ice. Watch to see whether the gel is worth the investment or whether you’re better off freezing some H2O.

The Pressure Regulator

The Pressure Regulator

Small changes in elevation or even temperature can develop a vacuum lock on a cooler that makes it almost impossible to open. Maluna Unhinged coolers contain a patent-pending pressure regulator that maximizes the internal vacuum to -6 KPA and ensures that your Maluna can be easily opened.

Located behind the bottle opener, the pressure regulator contains a calibrated spring, a ball, and a rubber seat.

To check that the ball is seated properly:

  1. Remove (unscrew) the bottle opener.

  2. Locate the rubber seat which looks like a round plug with a pinhole in the center.

  3. Gently push a pin or thin drill bit through the pinhole and feel for the ball inside.

  4. The ball inside should move with pressure applied and push back against the seat.

Go further, climb higher, adventure harder with the toughest and longest lasting coolers, gear, and ice chests.

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