The Maluna® Unhinged Cooler® uses a patent-pending design to hold ice 23% longer than the leading competition. To maximize performance, follow these guidelines in packing your Maluna.

1. Proper Size

Make sure you have the right size cooler. A cooler will perform best if it’s packed to the top. If you have a 70-quart cooler with 40 quarts of beer and ice, it won’t perform nearly as well as a 40-quart cooler properly sized for that. If you have a larger cooler with extra space, fill it up with ice to the top.

2. Enough Ice

Starting with a 2:1 ice-to-beer ratio will maximize performance.

3. Start Cold

Warm beer sucks a lot of energy from ice. Pre-chilling your cooler and packing it with cold beer will ensure that you get the best thermal performance.

4. Maintain Cold Water

Don’t pour out the cold water as the ice begins to melt. You can get a lot of extra performance out of your cooler if you maintain your thermal momentum.

5. Defense

Now that you’ve packed your cooler, open it as seldom as possible and keep it in the shade.